Delicious Iban Traditional Food In Sarawak. “Manok Pansoh”


Hi everyone. Good day to those of you who are reading this. I am Valerie Carlisle ak Janin. I am here to share about the famous traditional food in Sarawak that is ‘manok pansoh’. In other words, it is also known as chicken cooked in the bamboo. ‘Manok’ means chicken in the Iban language and ‘pansuh’ means it is cooked in the bamboo.

Just a few introduction about “manok pansuh” before I start off with the recipe and how it is cooked. “Manok pansuh” is very synonym to the Iban ethnic in Sarawak. But nevertheless, be it Iban, Bidayuh, Kayan, or Malay, “manok pansuh” is still very famous amongst these ethnics and also amongst the other ethnics in Sarawak simply because of it’s specialty, that is, this food is  cooked in the bamboo. Now, what is so special about cooking it in a bamboo? Well, besides from the delicious aroma which arises from the bamboo itself, cooking meat in the bamboo will give rise to a soft and tender texture to the meat.

Initially, “manok pansuh” is usually served during the festival of Gawai Dayak that falls on the month of June every year. But now, as the world goes by, “manok pansuh” has started to be consumed by many. Besides that, this menu can also be found during the open house of Christmas festive season. For your information, ‘manok pansuh’ can be found in Da-Light Food Court, Kuching (Lot 7922, Section 64, Ktld, Off Jalan Wan Alwi, Kuching, Sarawak, 93350). Specifically, you can find it in one of the stalls, Patz Dayak Home Cook Special. Price charged is according to the amount you take. Last but not least I am proud to say that this menu of “manok pansuh” has become one of the famous tourist attraction in Sarawak.

Here are some guidance on how to prepare this food:-

Ingredient (Marinate) :
1. Meat (Chicken)
2. Garlic (pounded rough)
3. Shallot (pounded fine)
4. Ginger (pounded)
5. Turmeric Leaves (cut about 5-10mm width)
6. Lemongrass (pounded)
7. Salt
8. Cassava/Tapioca Leaves
9. Young bamboo
10. Daun Bungkang

(marinated chicken with all the ingredients)

1. Before using the bamboo, fill it with water for 1/2-1 hour to clean the inside, and encourage the water to seep in.
2. Marinate all Item 1-10  together, leave some of tapioca leaves to cap the bamboo later on.
3. Emptied the water from the bamboo. Fill it with the marinated meat.
4. Don’t compact all meat, let it loose lightly.

(putting all the meat and ingredients into the bamboo)

5. If you want pansuh soup, add in a cup of water.
6. Capped the bamboo with tapioca leaves.

(covering the bamboo with tapioca leaves)

7. Cook over pit fire-charcoal or log-bamboo stand.

(cooking it over a pit of fire)
*caution: don’t put it too near the fire. you don’t want to burn the whole thing.*

8. Pansuh is cooked if the water start to gurgle at the cap.
9. In case the pansuh is dry type, take note of color changes on the tapioca leaves to determine if it is cooked.
10. To serve, just transfer the meat into a plate.

(transferring the content in the bamboo into the plate)

Well, just in case some of you might wonder how some of
the ingredients look like, here are some pictures to give you
all a clearer picture about it.


(daun bungkang)

This food is quite simple to prepare. I hope that you
guys out there may learn something from my blog.
Good luck in trying it out.

P.S : Best taken with hot plain rice! Enjoy!


About valeriecarlisleakjanin

Hi everyone. =) my name is Valerie Carlisle ak Janin. In short, my friends would just call me Val. I am a Christian Iban girl. I came from a small family with only one sibling, that is my elder sister, Debbie. Well, nothing much about me. As for now i am a student from a Matriculation College in Labuan, Malaysia, doing my science course.
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9 Responses to Delicious Iban Traditional Food In Sarawak. “Manok Pansoh”

  1. jonatanjesus says:

    The food is cooked in the bamboo., Okay, that’s interesting.

  2. Hye Valerie :).my mum like to cook it and I love to eat it 😀

  3. I love this dish ! Yummy ❤

  4. manok pansuh..a unique name..i’ll definitely eat it if i have a chance..manok aka chicken..hehehe

  5. Woahh.. Such an interesting food.. I really want to try it someday..:)

  6. i’ve taste it before.. it’s yummy.. 😀

  7. wow.. I guess, we must playing with fire to make this dishes 🙂

  8. i’ll make sure to try this food someday..thanks for the recipe 🙂

  9. i have tried it, it taste delicous

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